R & D / Quality Assurance

Research and Development

Product design

Increased coverage (development speed) and pursuit of cost

We are developing inexpensive and highly reliable products with a high coverage rate mainly for Japanese and Korean cars by using our original research based on more than 50 years of experience and VE method utilizing database.

In particular, the outstanding coverage rate has earned the trust of many users for products designed based on our unique design concept.

In designing, staff who are familiar with various product information (calipers & back plates etc.) mold knowledge (blanking & molding) and general manufacturing methods are in charge of improving design quality.

Friction material development

Pursuit of performance and reduction of environmental load

A wide variety of raw materials are mixed in an appropriate ratio using information accumulated over many years and quality engineering, and the effectiveness, product life cycle, squeal, vibration, and aggression of the other material are met according to the requirements of the vehicle type, use, market conditions, etc. We are developing friction materials that pursue such performance.

In addition, the raw materials used for friction materials are selected to comply with environmental regulations such as ELV and REACH and have a low environmental impact.

Equipment development

Building a competitive production system

■ In order to provide products that customers can be used safely, we develop, design, and produce everything from molding dies to production equipment.
■ By automating the production process, work efficiency is improved and the burden on workers is reduced.
■ By delivering equipment to overseas factories, we have realized the construction of a global production line.

The product design, friction material development, and equipment development teams work together to provide a stable supply of products that satisfy not only customers using our brand products, but also domestic and overseas OES and OEM customers.


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