Handling of brake pads

Importance of replacement for brake pad

Friction material of the brake pad is worn out with the use.

Under the condition that friction material is worn more than prescribed, it may cause of reduction of braking because of rapid wear. Also, these may lead to a damage to brake disc or brake drum.

Regular inspections are necessary, but if you feel any changes such as ineffectiveness, it is recommended to check the condition of the brakes and replace them as soon as possible.

Indication of Replacement for Brake pad

Amount of brake pad reduction varies greatly depending on how the driver uses the brakes and the driving conditions. After driving 20,000 km, we recommend checking at a maintenance shop.

When the remaining thickness of the pad becomes less than is 5 mm, the temperature of the friction material is easy to rise, and even with the same mileage, it decreases faster than when it is new. Therefore, we recommend the replacement at the thickness of 5 mm. If it is less than 2 mm, it will be in a very dangerous state. Early replacement is important.

Brake pad life

If the brake pad replacement is delayed

These situations will cause the replacement of brake disc or a caliper and will take extra cost. More importantly, it is very dangerous.

Contact between backing plate and brake disc because friction materials were completely worn out. Brake disc was also damaged.

Caliper where the thin pad is displaced from inside the bracket and scrapes against the brake disc to damage the yoke.


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