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MK Kashiyama started from a metal press company called Kashiyama Press. Initially, we made electronic parts, and blades for skates, but we started making brake pads and brake shoes in the 1960s, and we are developing as a long-established brake parts manufacturer in Japan.

The founder established the MK KASHIYAMA Brand with the idea of “living as a manufacturer, not a subcontractor, even if it is small”.Now our brand is sold not only in Japan but also in more than 80 countries around the world. It’s name comes from the initials of the founder Makoto Kashiyama.

We value the founder’s venture spirit and the idea of creating businesses and markets with our own strength, and based on the friction material development technology developed many years, not only automobile brake parts but also friction materials such as industrial equipment as a development specialist, we will expand our business to various fields.

“Smile Brake”

We will provide safety and security to everyone around the world through brakes so that the people involved in our company can smile.

Tsuyoshi Kashiyama


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